Parcel Spend Management (PSM) Service

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Full-service parcel network planning

Unlock the full potential of your parcel network with the leaders in shipping transformation

When you’re ready for shipping to be a competitive advantage, partner with the founder and leader of Parcel Spend Management. We work as an extension of your team to plan, monitor, and continuously optimize your entire parcel network. Our technology, our people, and our view of the market are unsurpassed, making us singularly qualified to guide you to your shipping summit.
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Parcel Spend Management (PSM)

Go further with a strategic partner

We are masters of strategic shipping, uniquely equipped with unsurpassed industry experience, market intelligence, and analytical horsepower. With PSM, you partner with experts who do more than advise – we become an extension of your team. You’ll have access to a full suite of customized services that drive continuous ROI. And there's no threshold; you get unlimited strategic support from the best minds in the business.
  • Integrated strategic guidance and prioritized recommendations
  • Network optimizations and strategy planning
  • Navigating cost increases and supply chain disruptions
  • Data and carrier portfolio management
  • Advanced business rules and data labeling
  • Full net bill reconciliation
  • Unlimited reporting and analytics
  • Dedicated team of shipping, analytics, and technology experts
  • Regular performance review meetings and ongoing analysis
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Tailored strategy

Full-service strategic guidance means you'll get intelligent business insights plus solutions that are as customized as your business goals.

Proactive planning

Expect regular performance reviews and ongoing analysis of your network to uncover opportunities to save time, money, and resources.

Dedicated team of strategists

We guide you through continuously improving your customers' delivery experience and managing the costs associated to make that happen.

Achieving financial excellence

Advanced audit and cost allocation for an absolutely clean net bill

Green Mountain's technology can handle big data better than anyone else. As your strategic partner, we can combine your carrier data, contract terms, and invoices to build a powerful cost allocation process with advanced business rules that attribute expenses, manage budgets, and forecast finances with absolute precision.
  • Our innovative technology normalizes and cleans massive amounts of data.
  • We have the horsepower to audit, re-rate, and validate every single transaction.
  • Disputes are resolved directly with carriers, so you never pay more than you owe.
  • A holistic view of your network yields the very best insights for intelligent reporting, forecasting and strategic analysis
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Dedicated team of strategic advisors

Strategic advisors who feel like an extension of your team

We are your strategic partner, working diligently beside you to understand your parcel network goals and using business and industry intelligence to recommend solutions that meet them. We provide a dedicated team of data engineers and business strategists to continuously engage with you to help plan, execute, and monitor your network to peak optimization.
  • A Strategic Solutions Manager who knows the market – and your position in it – better than anyone, bringing you opportunities that ensure your network strategy remains competitive in real time.
  • A Business Solutions Engineer who builds you an automated cost allocation solution using your unique business rules.
  • A Contract Manager who knows carrier agreements and can stand up each of your contracts, so we can continuously monitor performance and billing.
  • A Strategic Solutions Engineer who helps you understand your network constraints and identifies opportunities to overcome – or even optimize – them.
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