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What’s so special about our team? Simple. This is the job we were made to do.

The mountain standing between companies and their most effective shipping solutions can feel insurmountable. That’s where we come in. Our approach moves those mountains out of your way.

How do we do it?

A team of leading industry experts:

Who work as an extension of your organization, so we’re not an added to-do list item but a way to make that list shorter.

The most powerful data and technology:

Which offer the highest level of intelligence so future issues are identified and solved before they affect your business.

Partnerships that know no bounds:

No matter your size or scale, we’ll learn your business and grow with you so we’re always finding the best way to meet your needs.

Meet the people who make it possible.

From the beginning, we’ve focused on assembling a team comprised of the most talented and knowledgeable individuals with vast experience in shipping, logistics, data analytics, and technology.

Kevin McLaughlin


Jim Jacobs

Co-Founder & CCO

Mike Lambert


Eric Narowski


Nirav Patel


Michael McComb

EVP, Commercial Development

Rebecca Wyatt

Vice President, Marketing

Lisa McNutt

HR Director

Our Story

How we got here.

Founded by a group of entrepreneurs committed to creating better shipping and financial outcomes for clients, Green Mountain is the first company to provide a dedicated and automated Parcel Spend Management solution, a service we’re still proudly offering today. The business idea was originated by former CEO Craig Russell, who had years of leadership experience in software development application at FedEx Express. Craig knew there was an opportunity to transform audits through the power of technology; to provide a truly superior parcel audit solution. To achieve this goal, though, he needed some of the industry’s top minds supporting his vision. Craig’s lifelong friend, Jim Jacobs, joined forces with Craig and became Green Mountain’s co-founder and CCO. Jim not only had more than a decade of sales, marketing, and business development experience in transportation and logistics, he also shared Craig’s passion for helping others and solving problems. This supportive, problem-solving mindset has always been the cornerstone of Green Mountain and its team members. As our customer base grew over time, we expanded our service offerings to meet customer demand and market trends. This included network optimization reporting, a more consultative approach, and a comprehensive Parcel Spend Management solution that leverages full-scale data for analysis, network optimization, and carrier contract management. Motivated by the vision of our founders, we’re constantly innovating, evaluating, and evolving our offerings and, because of this forward-thinking approach, we’re now honored to call some of the world’s largest shippers our clients.
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