Resource Center/Article10/08/2019

Weekend Delivery: An Innovative Strategy to Delight Your Customers [Webinar]

The 2 big carriers announced they will support 7 day delivery starting in 2020. How do you evaluate and plan for weekend delivery? What operational challenges will you encounter?

In today’s highly competitive parcel marketplace, executives have to consider innovative strategies to delight their customers to keep them coming back. Adding Saturday and/or Sunday delivery to your network is a unique way to differentiate your company from the competition, but what factors need to be considered to execute this strategy? The Kano Model (a customer satisfaction model developed by Professor Noriaki Kano) refers to a ‘delighter’ being something that is unexpected and provides satisfaction when fulfilled. Leveraging weekend deliveries not only provides unexpected customer satisfaction with potentially faster transit time but also allows your network to distribute order volume evenly.

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