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Guide to Regional Carrier Implementation

Dive into the pros and cons of regional carriers and strategic ways to utilize these partners to improve overall parcel network optimization.

The COVID-19 pandemic’s wear on the parcel industry led to an almost immediate rise in carrier diversification strategies, leading many to seek out regional parcel carrier partnerships they had not seriously considered before.
However, the strengths and savings regional carriers offer can be as unique as the regions they serve, introducing questions like:
  • How much of the U.S. population is serviced by regional carriers?
  • How do I prioritize one regional carrier over another – by price, service commitment, or something else?
And for Green Mountain customers:
  • Which regional carriers has Green Mountain helped their customers implement with in the past?
In this report, we seek to answer questions like these through an overview of the many benefits and network optimization opportunities regional carriers offer your parcel network. We also provide an exclusive look at the regional carriers Green Mountain has previously engaged with on behalf of our Parcel Spend Management customers, including each regionals various features.
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