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Green Mountain Technology is a FedEx Certified Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay (FBAP) Provider!

Green Mountain is a FedEx Certified Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay (FBAP) Provider, offering top-notch audit services for shippers.

GMT is honored to be recognized as a FedEx Certified Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay (FBAP) Provider. GMT is one of only nine companies to receive the designation, and one of two strategically focused on parcel. FedEx’s formal certification of GMT is a welcome accolade and recognition of our intense commitment to providing best-in-class audit services intently designed to improve the audit, invoice adjustment, and payment process for shippers and their carrier partners.
An incredible amount of effort goes into ensuring our customers receive the same level of parcel and LTL audit benefit, no matter the carrier partner they choose.

What is a FedEx Certified Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay (FBAP) Provider?

In short, to be a FedEx Certified FBAP Provider means the audit provider has consistently provided accurate and timely audit results, with a special emphasis on developing a refined, proven process with repeatable results again and again.
In their official certification statement, FedEx said:
“FedEx is the first carrier to develop and publish a certification for Freight Bill Audit and Pay Several Freight Bill providers.  This program recognizes Freight Bill, Audit, and Pay Providers that consistently met or exceeded FedEx standards for receiving invoices electronically, processing, and remitting payment details, and managing disputes on behalf of customers. Green Mountain Technology is one of the few in the industry to be recognized as a FedEx Certified FBAP Provider.”
GMT is grateful to FedEx for the recognition, as well as to its customers for trusting us to oversee their parcel and LTL audit and spend management for nearly 25 years. Learn more about the FedEx FBAP Provider certification.
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