Pre-Conference Selections

It's time to select your pre-conference networking event for the Green Mountain Summit!

Join one of three exciting opportunities to talk industry and have fun with your peers before the main event:

  • Golf at Gaylord Springs: Attendees will be paired in teams of four and enjoy consecutive tee times beginning at 1pm. There will be some lighthearted, fun competition along the way!
  • Hot Chicken Spice Blending: Embark on a flavorful adventure by creating your own Nashville hot chicken spice. An interactive activity, you can customize the level of heat and flavor to suit your preferences. Take home a personalized blend of spices to recreate the iconic Nashville hot chicken in your home kitchen.
  • HandsOn Nashville: Join Green Mountain in assembling food kits and making no-sew fleece blankets for Nashville's unhoused population.

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